Friday, August 15, 2008

Tokyo 08 - Tsukiji Sushi breakfast!

1st day in Tokyo, Aug 13rd, we set out to the station at 930AM and got onto a train on metro line to Tsukiji for sushi breakfast.

We got a day pass for 1000yen (12SGD) which allows unlimited train ride on both Toei & Metro line for a day.

And the crowds (or the lack of it) at 930AM, I don't wanna find out how it'd be like during rush hour.
After a short 5-10min ride, we arrived at Tsukiji station.

The entrance to the Tsukiji outer market. This is where you can probably get the freshest sushi in the world! The Tsukiji central market is where the bidding take place from 5am onwards, it's within walking distance from Tsukiji station, but Tsukiji shijo is the station you want to stop for shorter walking distance.

Seafood galore!

As none of us speaks Japanese, the easiest way to dine-in is to look for eating place with picture illustration of their set meal, and Sushizanmai provided just that. Getting seats was as easy was just rising 3 fingers, which means table for 3. Ordering food involves pointing at the picture on the menu with one finger, and showing the quantity with another.

I gotten the sushi assortment for 3000yen (38SGD). This would probably be the best sushi i've ever eaten in my life! Don't bother with wasabi or any other additives, those would just take away the taste of ocean freshness.

And finally, if the bill isn't available yet, just make a cross "X" sign with both index fingers to ask for the check.

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