Saturday, September 22, 2007

Las Vegas 07 - First trip to USA

Just came back from a conference @ Las Vegas .. my first time to the state .. LV is sinfully differently so cant really comment that ive experienced much of the USA.

Spend most of the time in conference (really..even the DHS custom ppl couldnt believe that i came to LV for work!) but managed to find time to roam around.

Anyway.. besides visiting casinos/nightlifes/shows .. also visited HobbyShop/Electronic outlet/Drugstore and petshop

The shop assistance at HobbyTown USA was reluctant at first to allow me to snap pics (because of previous online incidents of ppl masquerading as HobbyTown) .. but talked my way through it and heres some pics..

Also checked out some of the stuff in PetSmart (gigantic petshop) and RadioShack (electronic outlet) not available locally.

Did i mention i got SE-5A? (The fragil sticker works!)

It was really hot (38-40 degree) .. shades and few bottled water are almost a MUST!

Its quite common to see desert plants and some of them gave out herbal fragant under the scorching sun.

And heres a pic of WalGreen .. a gigantic drugstore along the Strip.

Visited Fashion Mall (attached pics) and got to molest the IPhone :P
Saw a few of local products (iSqueez & uZap) @ BrookStone!

Its very common to have choppers flying past the strip (for Grand Canyon and The Strip tour) .. chopper in shopping mall not so common tho

it was so hot.. people will wear lesser!
Some of the pools (Caesar palance..etc) are meant for 18 and above only .. go figure why..

Anyway, traveled around The Strip mostly on foot and monorail ..
The rush hour is from 1pm to 6pm .. so its really not worth taking taxi/bus.

In Vegas, people would wanna drive around.. add in some limos and mobile billboards = more jams

The Bennett Flying Field is in Las Vegas, unless im sure the Szabos brothers (two of the best R/C helicopter 3D pilot) will be there.. i wouldnt take the trip down.

Spend most of the days in conference... so only have the evening to walk around.. visiting hotels probably is what most first time visitors would do

Anyway let me start with Paris Resort.
Not easy to find much worthy enough to be posted .. because im really bad at taking photos

Caesars Palace

New York New York

MGM Grand & Venetian resort

Stratosphere and pics of places between Sahara hotel & Stratosphere

Pics of some bling bling buildings

Some random shots taken inside the monorail.
Far beyond the buildings .. one will noticed that Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains.

The monorail stops inside the hotels and we were greeted by more slot machines upon exiting.

Similarly.. McCarran Airport is furnished with slot machines.. an alternate way to burn time while waiting for plane (free wifi available too).

Bye bye Vegas