Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bali 2013

Went to Bali on late Feb which is actually a rainy (read 'cheaper') season, hence most of the time were spent in Maca Villas & Spa located within Seminyak, it came with great services & spacious rooms. This is also our first trip to Bali and we visited quite a number of touristy sites.



Villa breakfast

On the second day, we hired a driver for 8hours to bring us around Bali. Our driver Rajux is very hardworking and friendly and he speaks english too! These are some of the random shots taken from within the car

Rice field

We caught the expansive view of the volcano for about 10min before it started raining and fogged up the whole mountain -_-'

 Cafe Seminyak
Nasi Campur from Cafe Seminkyak, a mini version of Rijsttafel (Rice table)
Think ive eaten 3 of this during the trip

Naughty Nuri
Well known for serving the best pork ribs!

 Ku De Ta beach club

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maternity - Tingxi & Geraldine

Tingxi is a buddy whom ive known for over 10 years and the Church of The Holy Cross holds special meaning for them and their son hence chosen as the best location for the shoot