Saturday, January 8, 2011

Union of Fritz and Marie

Played backup photographer to Patrick & Conny of on Dec 18 2010.

Here are some of my take during the actual day of Fritz and Marie.
There are still alot to learn about event photography.

Nevertheless.. Thanks to Patrick for the opportunity and guidance!

Wedding @ Church Of Saint Mary Of The Angels

Dinner at Conrad

Friday, January 7, 2011

Surprise proposal at the marina (of Tingxi & Gerri)

Tingxi gathered a group of us at ONE°15 (Sentosa Cove) to help him with a surprise marriage proposal to Geraldine.. Geraldine was brought to Sentosa cove by another group thinking it was just a year end BBQ.. but she was lured to the yacht instead for a surprise.. check out the photos as the story unfolds..

We arrived on a gloomy afternoon on new year's eve

Tingxi, the man of the day on-board the yacht

Preparing the decos

The decos to welcome Gerri

Some couple portraits before arrival of Gerri

"Shhh.. im on the phone with Gerri"

Richard welcomed Gerri on-board

Shock and puzzled, she kept asking where Tingxi was

We got her to watch a short video montage prepared by Tingxi

After the montage, she was led up onto the fly-deck (the top level)

And she said "Yes" :)

Then the party started!

The captain wannabe (me)