Friday, January 7, 2011

Surprise proposal at the marina (of Tingxi & Gerri)

Tingxi gathered a group of us at ONE°15 (Sentosa Cove) to help him with a surprise marriage proposal to Geraldine.. Geraldine was brought to Sentosa cove by another group thinking it was just a year end BBQ.. but she was lured to the yacht instead for a surprise.. check out the photos as the story unfolds..

We arrived on a gloomy afternoon on new year's eve

Tingxi, the man of the day on-board the yacht

Preparing the decos

The decos to welcome Gerri

Some couple portraits before arrival of Gerri

"Shhh.. im on the phone with Gerri"

Richard welcomed Gerri on-board

Shock and puzzled, she kept asking where Tingxi was

We got her to watch a short video montage prepared by Tingxi

After the montage, she was led up onto the fly-deck (the top level)

And she said "Yes" :)

Then the party started!

The captain wannabe (me)

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