Saturday, January 31, 2009

Berlin 08 - Misc pictures

"AMD" ?? The processor?? Ok, im a geek.

Berlin 08 - Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial is just a 5min walk from Brandenburg Tor. It is designed to commemorate the Jews murdered by Nazi during WW2.

Overlooking Reichstag and an embassy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Berlin 08 - 2008/2009 New Year Count Down

Lights beamed from Brandenburg Gate as seen from my hotel window at 11pm Dec 31st 2008.

Closing into Brandenburg gate... and this is Unter den Linden at 1130pm/31st Dec 2008.

Unter den Linden at 12AM+/1st Jan 2009. Smoky :)

Fire crackers everywhere!! sometimes shooting up from close proximity!

Ambulance sirens every minute too! But ive no idea why and how did someone get hurted?!

Me among the crowds.

Lighting up the sparkler.

Sticking the rocket into empty bottle and lighting it up. Quite a sight to see many of these shooting up the sky!
Expanded pyrotechnics.

Berlin 08 - Getting around on public transport

The bus/train/tram system shares the same ticketing system and one can get the ticket from the machine shown here.

The cost of ticket depends on the zone the commuter gonna cross into. I traveled within zone A mostly which covers large part of Berlin already, thus the 2.10EUR ticket which lasted 2hr was good enough. It'd cost abit more to travel out of the current zone.

Traveling on train is based on integrity as one will not find ticketing gates to check for validity. However i heard that there may be 'undercover agents' who will do random check and issue fines to those without valid ticket.

S-Bahn (underground train station).

Old rail systems with modern trains.
Inside the train.

Basking in the train.
The door will not automatically open upon arrival, the commuter has to press the button on that green round box. Any idea why this design decision? Energy saving?
Inside the Jet Express Bus on my way back to Tegel Airport.

One will also noticed a somewhat different traffic light man in East Germany.
They make crossing the road exciting? LOL

Those traffic light symbols became such an icons, there are even shops and cafes named after them!

Berlin 08 - Zoologischer Garten and around

I went to Zoologischer Garten with the intention of getting some merchandise from Hard Rock Cafe and stumbled upon a devastated looking church.

This is actually the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church which was build in 1890. It suffered the bombing from an air raid in 1943 (WW2). It is now a ruin and it was also given the nickname 'hollow tooth'. A new church was also build next to it (the other tall building) sometime after WW2.

One source cited that the Kaiser Wihelm memorial church may collapse soon, so I guess I was lucky to experience the sight of it.

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin is tucked within the stretch of housing apartments and away from the central of Zoologischer. Thanks to Nokia Map on my E71, I'd not have found it without the aid of GPS . However, it is not fun to hold the E71 metallic casing in winter! I couldn't operate it too well with a glove on, and it was too cold to hold without the glove!.

I've gotten HRC Las Vegas tshirt, so why not Berlin? haha

Berlin 08 - Reichstag, Paul-Loebe Haus and Marie-Elisabeth Lueders Haus


Paul-Loebe Haus and Marie-Elisabeth Lueders Haus

Berlin 08 - Unter Den Linden, Brandenburg Tor and Berlin Wall

The road to Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg gate) along Unter Den Linden.
Unter Den Linden is a long stretch of road franked by rolls of lime trees and beautiful structures.

Statue of Frederick the Great along Unter Den Linden.

Lots of lime trees! Adolf Hitler ordered the lime trees to be removed during his reign, because the trees were blocking the view of his parade. They were planted again sometime after WW2.

Brandenburg Tor, build in 1788 during Prussian's reign, one of the last historical city gate left. I didn't have the chance to walk through it as it was fenced up for the new year eve party.

The Quadriga on top of Brandenburg Tor.

Misc pictures taken during new year eve :)

Who look more 'stone' ? Me or those two in green uniform above? haha

Berlin wall