Sunday, January 4, 2009

Berlin 08 - Nikolaiviertel neighborhood

Nikolaiviertel neighborhood has some of the oldest buildings in Berlin (as what I've read in travel book), it is just a short 5-10min walk away from Park Inn hotel, so I decided to make a visit during the snowy new year morning.

Thanks to the occasion (New Year), most of the shops were closed, so that explains the lack of people, thus it was quite an surreal experience walking through the quiet pathment in Nikolaiviertel.

One of the souvenir shop that operates on new year.

Nikolaikirche (Church of Saint Nicholas) is located within the Nikolaiviertel neighborhood.

The Church is flanked by houses at close proximty from all ends, thus my point-and-shot 6 megapixel can't really get a good complete shot (am still considering DSLR with wide lens).
The facades of the Church.
'Skull' head has its significant in Christianity sometime ago, thus its not uncommon to see them among the facade in some of the older Churches.

'Bear' statue/model can be commonly seen around Berlin too.

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