Monday, January 26, 2009

Berlin 08 - Zoologischer Garten and around

I went to Zoologischer Garten with the intention of getting some merchandise from Hard Rock Cafe and stumbled upon a devastated looking church.

This is actually the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church which was build in 1890. It suffered the bombing from an air raid in 1943 (WW2). It is now a ruin and it was also given the nickname 'hollow tooth'. A new church was also build next to it (the other tall building) sometime after WW2.

One source cited that the Kaiser Wihelm memorial church may collapse soon, so I guess I was lucky to experience the sight of it.

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin is tucked within the stretch of housing apartments and away from the central of Zoologischer. Thanks to Nokia Map on my E71, I'd not have found it without the aid of GPS . However, it is not fun to hold the E71 metallic casing in winter! I couldn't operate it too well with a glove on, and it was too cold to hold without the glove!.

I've gotten HRC Las Vegas tshirt, so why not Berlin? haha

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