Sunday, November 27, 2011

Union of Anthony & Janice (11.11.11)

I first met Anthony in a Chinese new year gathering last year and Janice in a Christmas gathering in the same year where I played the 'official photographer'. Early this year, they shared their extraordinary plan for their big day on 11th November 2011 which is not the usual run of the mil wedding, and they wanted me to be their main photographer. This is definitely more challenging than what I have documented before as it involved shooting under the moonlight in the outdoor, away from comfortable air-conditioned ballroom, and I am very delighted and honored to be involved in their big day especially when they have spend so much time and effort in making this day so unique! Like to thanks Anthony & Janice for the opportunity and may they be blessed with a blissful marriage :D

Arrived at Anthony and Janice's new place

Leaving Anthony and Janice's new place for photo shoot at the next location.
We enjoyed great weather with clear blue sky in the morning!

The couple wasted no time in sharing some quiet moment at the bus stop while waiting for the sisters and brothers to arrive

The bride dash into Anthony's parents' house in her heels! After the brothers suggested second round of gatecrash against the ladies :P