Sunday, May 20, 2012

New DVD case

Inspired by the hand-made DVD cases that Conny from Express-Oh Photography have been making. I have decided to give my friends and couples these earth-friendly DVD case made from natural resources. Only small quantities imported to test out the market!

Casual couple shoot - Sherwin & Jiaying

A casual couple shoot with my teammates from Express-Oh! Photography. These are some of the photos I took. Also check out the photos my teammates shot here.

Casual couple shoot - Chris & Celeste

Chris is a photographer from TTLOC and this couple shares photography as their common hobby! These are some of the photos I did for them before their wedding.

Casual couple shoot - Yap & Meiling

Good sunday morning everyone. Im clearing some wedding backlogs and also doing some very late post of photos taken almost half a year ago!

On the last day of 2011, I spent the morning with Kenneth from Third Eye Pictureworks and Haolun from Framewerks Photography for a casual couple shoot. Our couple had previously engaged Kenneth for their actual day wedding shoot and they were game enough for another post-wedding casual shoot :)

We started from Cityhall

And I took the first shot at McDonald just outside Cityhall's MRT station. This is supposed to be an ads for their Chinese New Year burger!

We walked to Esplanade for some more shoot

And ended the shoot at Marina bay sands