Sunday, January 4, 2009

Berlin 08 - Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) around Berlin

Berlin play host to many Christmas Markets during the winter season, most of those Ive visited closed just days after Christmas. So I was lucky to arrive in time to have a taste of the goodies available in the markets.

This is also another way I got my meals fixed without spending too much EURO in the restaurant.

Pretty much similar to the carnivals that happen randomly around Singapore, there were lots of stalls selling food,toys and some provided fun rides.

The Germans do not forget about the meaning of Christmas among the merry making.
Some old chap turning the musical box.
Horse ride! Woohoo!

Traditional German wooden toys available here.

For those needing precision & patient training...
There are also many stalls selling candles/lanterns and many other bright and bling-ing stuff.

And these are some of the goodies Ive tried.

Rostbrat wurst for around 2.5EUR.

Rahmbrot (Seasoned cream and bacon topped bread) for around 3.5EUR.

The bread was freshly made in the makeshift kitchen.

Topped with the yummy bits then toast them.

One of the Christmas Market that still operates over new year can be located in GendarmenMarkt. However, a small token sum of 1EUR is required to get admitted. I guess this is probably one of the better one, and they have a website to boot.

Entrance to GendarmenMarkt Christmas Market.

Stall selling pumkin seeds.
Pumkin seeds, I like the top most (filled with sugar).

Stall selling nougats.
Glühwein! Hot wine for around 2.5EUR to ease the cold.
Preparing the Glühwein.

Strawberry fondue for around 3EUR.

Curry Wurst (the national dish).

Its just wurst with curry powder and ketchup. Im not too sure if its supposed to taste spicy? because it wasn't much of it to my oriental taste-bud (grew up tasting herbs & spices).

Crepes with Nutella for around 2.5EUR.

Preparing the Crepes.
Other fillings available, Ive only tried the one with Nutella and I love it!
Candies.. I didn't try any, they're just eye candies to me.

Gained another 1kg!

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