Monday, January 26, 2009

Berlin 08 - Unter Den Linden, Brandenburg Tor and Berlin Wall

The road to Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg gate) along Unter Den Linden.
Unter Den Linden is a long stretch of road franked by rolls of lime trees and beautiful structures.

Statue of Frederick the Great along Unter Den Linden.

Lots of lime trees! Adolf Hitler ordered the lime trees to be removed during his reign, because the trees were blocking the view of his parade. They were planted again sometime after WW2.

Brandenburg Tor, build in 1788 during Prussian's reign, one of the last historical city gate left. I didn't have the chance to walk through it as it was fenced up for the new year eve party.

The Quadriga on top of Brandenburg Tor.

Misc pictures taken during new year eve :)

Who look more 'stone' ? Me or those two in green uniform above? haha

Berlin wall

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