Friday, January 2, 2009

Berlin 08 - Arrival to Berlin & Hotel view

Happy New Year to all!

Ive just landed in Singapore few hours ago, and im now sorting the pictures and baggage and also posting my first 2009 entry at the same time! Hopefully i'll be able to complete the "Berlin photo blog" within a week or two.

Anyway, I took an evening Christmas flight with KLM to Berlin (Route: SIN -> AMS, AMS -> TXL) on a semi-empty plane, most of us had the whole row of seats to ourselves. As you can see in the following picture, one of the guy is sleeping comfortably on the seats :)

Ive gotten a twin room (I stayed alone, but only managed to reserve twin room at the last minute) at the 15th floor of Park Inn hotel (Alexandreplatz). It had been a very present stay, especially when you've 2 beds to roll around on :) For around 90EUR/nite, I feel that this is well worth the money.

And here are some pictures of my room.

There is also a safe-box and fridge in the room. The drinks are not free of course.

Feeling relieved from the cold weather.

And theses are what i can see from my room.


The "Christmas Market" at the plaza next to my hotel.
I'll be writing about the Christmas market in one of future post.

And since I went alone, i decided to bring a 'travel companion' along, made by someone as Xmas gift, cute right? :)

Met up with a colleague and his wife for dinner at "Bistro & Kaffeehaus restaurant" located within Park Inn hotel. I gotten a delicious plate of "Entenbrust Gegrillt" or "Grilled duck breast" for around 14EUR. The restaurant's menu provides English translation for whole meal such as this but not the side dishes, so its safer to go for the whole meal.

On another separate evening, i also tried different dishes in the same restaurant (many times I just wanted to dine in a place within or near the hotel, because I don't find it fun walking in the cold).

"Fish steak"

"Breaded Pork cutlet"
Thanks to Micheal's recommendation (a chap from California I met in the conference), we tried the "Beer with coke" (For around 4EUR) as shown in the picture. Can't tell much from the picture really, but we both agreed that it goes down smoother than conventional beer and still provides the alcohol fixed.

Personally I'd recommend trying "Grilled duck breast" over the other two dishes, it was pretty thick, the tenderness was good and I love both the sauce & creamy stuff!

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