Friday, August 15, 2008

Las Vegas 08 - Atomic Museum

We visited the Atomic Testing Museum on the 2nd part of day 3.
It is located near the Vegas strip, just around the corner of Las Vegas University.

Nevada has been used as a test site for nuclear weapon research (now totally/mostly done underground still within Nevada), and since my peace loving country would never embark on this area of research. I thought it would be cool to learn what the US defense & research industries have done. And whats a better way than visiting the museum?

No pictures within the museum, camera not allowed and i respected that, sorry guys :\

In the same evening, we brought some friends who just landed in Vegas for dinner at a family oriented restaurant outside the strip. While driving to Red Rock Canyon in the morning, we stumbled upon Charleston Boulevard (north of the strip), and found that it has a good collections of shops and restaurants, so we decided to dine at the new found spot.

After the yummy streak dinner, we settled back to the hotel ready for the conference on the next day (I was there for work really) .

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