Friday, August 15, 2008

Tokyo 08 - Akihabara

Late morning on the 1st day, Aug 13rd, we arrived at Akihabara (aka electric town). I wasn't really kin on visiting computers/technologies related stuff during my holiday, but I thought it would be cool to have a feel of the contrast between Akihabara and our Singapore's Sim Lim Square.

It was crowed, since the time we arrived, blame it on the summer holiday?
This is probably a good "one stop shop" to get everything you ever wanted relating to electronic accessory, but i didn't find the price to be attractive though, I could probably find cheaper products in Singapore for some of the items I sampled (SD cards/eeePC).

And this is why Japanese's shop have long vertical billboard, because if they run the 1st level, they would also be running the rest of the levels in the building. The following picture shows the different 'categories' in the different levels of a single anime shop.

The same holds true for many adult novelty shops too :)

Akihabara is also recently known for their maid cafes.
At around 3pm, the 'maids' would start going on the street giving pamphlets to would be customers.

And so we decided to visit one of the cafe :)

I don't think i'll be writing about the experience here, speak to me to hear about it instead :)
And I got a picture with one of the kawaii maid :)

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