Friday, August 15, 2008

Nevada Road Trip - Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

Started the 2nd day around 8am with my colleague by stocking up snacks and water at the nearby Walmart. Then off we went driving south east to Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam was build in 1931 to tame (flood control) the silt rich Colorado river.
6 construction companies collaborated in the construction with only 2 days off (optional) for the workers during Christmas & 4th July (Independence Day) . The man power needed were so huge (no known official figures), a city was build (Boulder City, Nevada) to house them!
90+ workers reportedly died either from falling or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hoover Dam was finally completed in 1935, and it has been supplying electricity (through hydroelectric generator) to Nevada and beyond!

Enough of history! Here is a picture taken from within the car just upon arrival.

It was so windy, one had to grab on to their hat!

And this is Lake Mead (the upper level of Hoover Dam)

The model showing the bridge across Hoover Dam that is still under construction.

Look at the scale of this engineering marvel! (try to reference with the tiny human in the pic!)

Winged man monument and the flag of USA.

We also went on the Hoover Dam guided tour which took us 500ft down to visit the generators.

hm... where is allspark at?

Ok, I couldn't find allspark, at least I found these huge turbines!

We left Hoover Dam around 1pm and drove north along Lake Mead to Valley of Fire State Park (next post). The plan was to get lunch somewhere along the way. But well, we were so wrong, we didn't find any cafe or such, not in some of the random marinas we visited. So if you were to take this route, please please remember to buy enough food because the ride to Valley of Fire would take around 3hr.

Here are some pictures of Lake Mead.

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