Friday, August 15, 2008

Nevada Road Trip - Red Rock Canyon State Park

Started the 3rd day with breakfast and stocking up of lots of food (lesson learnt from the trip to Valley of fire). Then we traveled to Red rock canyon, located north west from Vegas, which we took 1hr to get to.

The road to Red Rock Canyon.

The happy me, proud of the preparation jobs we've done!

Welcome to Red Rock Canyon!

And behold the great outdoors! There are hiking routes in most of the pit stops, but i was too lazy, so most of the pictures were taken near the pit stops :X

The path leads to what used to be lime rock factory.

The lime rocks.

And our wheels, a 5 seater Ford.

We rested in one of the pit stop for lunch (frozen sandwich) and water.
And this is my colleague, the driver through-out the trip, because i do not have a driving licence yet :P
Kudos to him!

Desert survival tips, bring at least 2.5 gallon of water for every person per day, shades, sunscreen, wear jeans, jungle hat ..etc

Pine tress in the desert.

Along the 13+ miles scenic drive.

Rain pouring down, supporting life of many beautiful creatures.

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