Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japan 09 - Ryoan-ji & Kiyomizu-dera (love temple)

Miniature model @ Ryoan-ji

Huge mochi!

Moss garden

I was standing on the wooden platform looking through the view finder for the following shot then came this complain from behind "I think hes gonna take very long" .. I turned back and asked "Are you guys from Singapore?" .. wahhaha.. i love the expression on their faces .. I helped this Singaporean couple with their photo tho :)

then came another English speaking couple who requested for help in phototaking.. next came a group of Japanese school girls who spoke to me in Japanese .. i just replied "Photo??" .. they started giggling away LOL .. before their shot.. I also 'educated' those girls that we use '1-2-3' instead of 'ya chi tzu' (thats what Japanese would say.. correction in spelling?)

Kyoto tower as seen from Kiyomizu-dera
Shops along the path to Kiyomizu-dera

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