Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japan 09 - Osaka aquarium Kaiyukan

We spend a day in Osaka aquarium Kaiyukan located in Osaka. This is one of the largest public aquarium in the world.

Osakako station in Osaka
It started as a gloomy day...

and the night was beautiful..
Lots of kids with cute & bright yellow hat!

At the beginning of the tour, an escalator took up to the 6th floor of the aquarium. The rest of the tour involves walking the spiral platform down to the 1st floor.

Busy day at the reef

The majestic whale shark!

Sun fish aka mola mola

Kawaii dogfish

Puffers are my favorite (as pet!)

The Capybara, largest rodent in the world!

Sea angel

The thickness of the tank, using Nikon D90 as reference

view from the cafe
Feeding time

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