Monday, November 9, 2009

Japan 09 - Arrival to Kyoto, around Kyoto station area and Yasaka Jinja

My friend and I took the Oct 29 1AM flight from SIN -> KIX (Osaka Kansai airport).

We were given the options of international/Japanese breakfast and I made the obvious choice. I like to travel with the notion of "doing what the roman would do" :D

Japanese breakfast on SQ

Somewhere over pacific oceanSomewhere over Japan
Somewhere over Japan

Our first destination is Kyoto however the closest international airport is located in Osaka so we got onto an express train from Osaka Kansai airport to Kyoto JR station.

I was recovering from slight flu & soar throat on the night we departed, thus I got myself some 'vitamin drink' hoping for speedy recovery :P

The usual one-way ticket from Osaka Kansai airport to Kyoto on JR Haruka cost around 2900Yen, another cheaper alternative is to get the JR west rail pass (2000Yen) that entities us unlimited ride on JR train for a day in Kaisai area (JR Haruka included).

Interior of the train
Paddle that allows passenger to rotate the seats
Rotated seat allows easy 4-some conversation (Pic of Skyliner train from Tokyo to Narita airport)
The train took us to JR Kyoto station in an hour and we took another 5-10min to locate our hotel (would probably be longer w/o the aid of GPS).

Tiny bathroomView from our room
Around our hotel area
JR Kyoto station, the place we visited everyday while in Kyoto!

Around Kyoto station
Kyoto tower
Our first lunch at a 24/7 restaurant lcoated just across the street from Kyoto station. Beef + rice for around 480Yen, we had to place the order from a vending machine.

Purification fountain for cleansing
Wooden votive plaques (Ema)

Lanterns galore!

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