Saturday, June 18, 2011

Netherland 2011

Amstel botel
Our floating hotel in Amsterdam

The view from our room

Random canal in Amsterdam

Big shoe! if the wooden shoe is not big enough already

Pedestrians, trams & cyclists converge in close proximity
Gotto look in all directions before crossing

Lots of bicycles in Amsterdam
This is one of the 'bicycle park' near the central station

In a wooden shoe factory in Volendam

The river outside the wooden shoe factory

Our ride to Marken island

Cheese farm in Zaanse Schans

Windmills in Zaanse Schans

Anne Frank house

A Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank and her family were hiding from Nazis during WW2. She left a dairy that documented their ordeal and it is available as "The Diary of a Young Girl". Unfortunately, they were betrayed and most of them died in concentration camp.

Very popular attraction with very long queue but no photography inside.

Our boat for the Amsterdam canal cruise

Canal cruise with HardRock Cafe collectible bear - Amsterdam edition

Argentinian steak!
There are lots Argentinian steak house in Amsterdam.. dont know why.. and they are really good!

One of the large breakfast+lunch we had
For 12EUR, the continental breakfast includes an egg, cheeses, cold cuts, lots of breads, coffee and a large bowl of yogurt

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