Saturday, June 18, 2011

London 2011 - Royal wedding holiday

Uncle David hosted us with great generosity. This is the lovely room we stayed in his mew apartment in South Kensington.

The balcony attached to our room in uncle David's

This herbs that goes into some of our dinner.. it is growing very well in the balcony

One of the many street parties during the royal wedding day. This one is just outside uncle David's place

At Hype park during the royal wedding

William and Kate departed Buckingham palace in a helicopter while the Brits cheered on

Sending postcard back to Singapore

One of the subway entrance in Kensington

Sightseening with Phoebe at Nottinghill

Somewhere Eton college

Windsor castle

Tower of London

The yeoman wader giving an introductory tour of Tower of London

Tower bridge

Random street along river Thame

Harrods at night

St Paul's cathedral

On the viewing platform in St Paul's

Performer in Covent Garden

Westminster abbey
The church where the Royal wedding (Will & Kate) was held

Parliament house

Natural history museum
The big dino skeleton as centerpiece

Mama mia!

Love is in the telephone booth

King's cross station.. the place where Harrypotter and friends ran through the wall known as "Platform 9 3/4"

Emerging from Platform 9 3/4

Western Europe is big on going green
These are the bicycles for rental in a bicycle 'station' in London

Our host uncle David cooked up some of the most yummy dishes!
These are some of the dishes uncle David cooked for us

Homemade Portuguese tarts

The English mustard taste very much like wasabi.. its commonly eaten with steak and other red meat there and I love it!

600g steak!

Coush coush a kindof African rice

Lamb for the Coush coush

Bread and butter pudding

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