Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday celebration out on the sea

We hired a boat and set off from ONE°15 (Sentosa Cove) and celebrated LiHui's birthday out on the sea.

The skipper giving us some introduction of the dos and donts

We went past kusu island

And we were blessed with great weather

We arrived at Lazarus island


and enjoyed the sunset


Adrianli said...

Hi CK,

Long time no see. U changed job to pursue ur passion in photography???

Great to see you taking so many photographs and still actively blogging.

When coming back to helis???



CKS said...

Hello Adrainli

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
I still having the same job since you knew me, and am currently a parttime wedding photographer.

Its important to exploit social media to market ourselves.. so ive to keep this blog going :)

You asked a difficult questions... ive no idea when i'll be coming back. I might start selling my r/c helis really cheap before i start moving in new house 2 years later. hmmmmmmmm..

kurnaen said...

oh, nice pictures, man. beautiful view.

Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash. Find the info in my blog

Adrianli said...

Where u shifting to???

U have been travelling a lot and the pics are getting more and more professionally taken.

Hope to see more wonderful photos.

CKS said...

Adrainli: Thank you!!
I will be moving to Clementi :)