Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heli 3D: Piro Tictoc

This is a continuity of my previous article on piroflip as the skills required of piroflip & piro Tictoc are pretty much the same.

Piro Tictoc can be broken down to the following 3 steps
- Controlled pirouette while wearing 45° angled spectacle (Pun intended!)
- Time the flip
- Flip

Sounds familiar? ive broken down piroflip into 3 similar steps, without the 45° angeled spectacle, haha.

Im not going to re-post the tips from piroflip article, instead, im gonna talk about the notable differents. And i'd highly suggest the reader to be confortable with piroflip before attempting piro Tictoc.

Start the heli pirouetting, nudge the elevator forward when the tail is pointing side-way.

The 'Tic' with tail pointing side-way
After half a revolution, the tail will be pointing downwards, too much downwards the heli will be dropping like rock, either that or the heli will start drifting towards right. When neccessary, nudge forward elevator or give abit more collective.

The 'Tic' with tail pointing side-way downwards

Before allowing the heli to drift too far right (normally after too many revolution), time the heli for tail-in flip (similar to piroflip), the rest of the steps would be just nuding the elevator forward/backward.

Inverted 'Toc' with tail facing side-way downwards

Inverted 'Toc' with tail facing side-way upwards
Perhaps it would be easier to visualize the flow with this video (stick movements in mode 1).
The simulation was done with speed factor of 140%, but the video was recorded in 90% to allow easier viewing of the movements.

Compared to the piroflip video posted in the previous entry, I uses more extreme cyclic & collection inputs in piro Tictoc.

Thats all for now, Fly safely :)

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